New life, New company


My name is Subin kim from South Korea. I would like to post a blog about my life in Jyväskylä so far. Time flies so fast. It has been almost 3months since I settled down in Jyväskylä. I am getting used to it but still sometimes I cannot believe that I am here where I dreamed to study and live. I took part in summer intensive Finnish course during summer vacation. It was my first time to study another language (Finnish) in English. It was quite challenging for me because I need to understand it in English. Even though I didn´t pass the final exam. I´ve met a lot of international students during the lectures and I enjoyed beautiful summer time in Finland. So for those who consider whether to take part in summer Finnish course before your actual semester start, I recommend you to do that! Then you can make friends from other faculties and countries. Of course it will also help you to get used to life in Finland as well J

First city tour and party with Finnish lecture classmates


Can´t not explain beautiful land scape in Jyvaskyla


Summer sauna in Jyväskylä next summer they will open again


And I also want to introduce something about our faculty: Sposmapro. This year we have 14students with 7 different nationalities, Finland, Bulgaria, Russia, Ethiopia, Oman, China and South-Korea. This is the most interesting part for me because when I studied in South-Korea more than 98% of students were South-Korean. By contrast, in our class, we are all from different cultures and backgrounds even some Finnish classmates got their bachelor´s degrees in other countries so I thought this 2years is going to be a new journey for all of us.




So far, we finished 2 lectures which are social interaction skills and qualitative research methods. Sometimes I had difficulties in studying and presenting something in English But my classmates helped me a lot. I hope that through this 2years I will improve my professional skills as a sports manager and make deep friendship with my international classmates as well.


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