Sunny autumn and Exam season

Hello everyone!

I am excited to share some of experiences from the 2 first months of my studies at the University of Jyväskylä and I hope it will help somehow the future applicants of SpoSMaPro.

My name is Aleksandra and I’m from St.Petersburg (Russia). I studied one of my Bachelor’s degrees in Finland, so I didn’t expect any culture shock upon arrival to a new town of Finland. Nevertheless, I was surprised how exciting and interesting everything is in here, and it is definitely a new experience, not comparable to any previous ones.

Well, first of all, I would like to mention an incredible number of sport and student events going on here on weekly basis, a huge variety of sport courses and clubs that welcome all the freshmen to join, and, in general, an assortment of sport facilities offered around the town. There are different sport tournaments organized by the University and students, like floorball tournament (Moose Cup), football matches, volleyball tournaments, and others, which make you meet new people, do sports, and simply have fun and some rest from your studies. Also there is a great range of sport courses with credits where you just need to sign up yourself, go try a new sport/activity, and earn credits (ECTS) for your transcript of records.
In the pic below is an example of sport course (canoeing) where I went with Sport Psychology students: Amy, Rolf, and Karn.

Canoeing in September. (C) Amy

There is also a timetable for group sport classes and ball games that can be checked from the same webpage. Moreover, this list of physical activity opportunities doesn’t end here, as many other interesting things are offered by the University, e.g. 2-days buddy massage course which I took part in with my group mate and friend, Kreetta. We learnt very useful basic skills on how to perform back, neck and head massage by practicing on each other along with supervision of 2 physiotherapists.

Hmm…well, I would also like to add from my personal experience so far that it’s worth trying sport clubs here. Most of them have separate trainings for men and women. My recommendations would be: gaelic football and rugby. Every training we have a lot of fun, there are always new people joining and really great instructions in English.

We all are extremely lucky this autumn as the weather is mostly sunny and warm which is not so typical for the beginning of November. It is also perfect for riding a bike when no rain is disturbing 🙂 In order not to make you think that we live in a complete paradise, I will say something about exams. As probably you know or read from some other blogs, in SpoSMaPro here we have different assessment methods used by our professors: lecture exams, learning diaries, written assignments, group works, book exams, and performance at the lectures. I would like to mention that book exams have been the most challenging for me so far. I have never had such kind of examination before – you need to read 1-2 books (chosen by the course’s lecturer) and choose one of the months during the semester to do the book exam where anything from the book can be asked, so you don’t actually know on what to concentrate. This might be not easy but it trains a lot your personal time management skills and also self-learning skills. Both will be especially valuable for thesis writing when you have to scan a huge amount of texts (books and articles) and extract the most useful and significant ideas from there.

Faculty of Sport and Health Sciences

What else… The best thing is that here you create your timetable and manage your study workload yourself. There are compulsory courses, of course, but you still can decide if you want to take them earlier or postpone something. Some students have part-time jobs, some want to go for exchange semester or internship, and you can organize your studies in a way that all these things are possible if you think well which optional modules you would like to take and when.

N.B. for some of those future students of our SpoSMaPro family: think in advance if you would like to go for exchange outside Europe: deadline for 3rd term (autumn of the 2nd year of studies) applications is on 1 November during your 1st year of studies. So wise study planning is recommended.

Apart from having lots of amazing parties (including Halloween when we rocked the town in the craziest costumes), dinners, and movie nights, I cannot skip mentioning INCREDIBLE Northern Lights that happen here in Jyväskylä quite often. This is that kind of scenery which your eyes will capture and keep in your memory for a lifetime. Even though, it was not my first time seeing that, I must say it was simply MAGNIFICENT! The sky that night was dancing and having a rock concert, I think.

Therefore, I encourage everyone to take part in all the possible events happening in town! All these every-day experiences will make your studies here unforgettable.

Have a great day and see you here in a bit! Comments and questions are more then welcomed.

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