Jyväskylä – every sports junkie’s paradise

It was probably one year ago when I was sending emails to the University of Jyväskylä asking all kinds of question about the Sport Management and Health Promotion Program. A year later I am here writing the blog for young people who right now are in the very same situation I used to be. On my way to Jyväskylä in August I was second guessing my choice but right now I can easily say that Finland is flat out awesome. Ever since day 1 I have been meeting people from all around the globe with whom I enjoy talking and socializing. Our SpoSMaPro group is quite international and after we broke the ice the first weeks now we get along just great. The atmosphere in the university itself is actually quite laid back and relaxed. Nothing like what I used to deal with in my home country of Bulgaria. The schedule for every week is different so it is impossible to get caught in some kind of routine. Because as we all know routine kills. The majority of the classes are pretty interesting and we meet different guest lecturers every week. Last week, for example, we had a visit from Heikki Huovinen, who was the fitness coach of Sebastian Vettel during his championship runs. Quite impressive stuff and it is definitely worth listening to the man if you are someone who is in pursuit of a career in professional sports.

ESN Football Tournament in September – lots of fun!

But enough with school and studies. Let`s go back to the title. I consider myself a sport junkie and I personally haven`t had a day off from physical activity in months. And if you are someone like me Jyväskylä is definitely the right place for you. The number of sport opportunities the city offers is virtually limitless because you have the chance to participate in different sport activities organized by the university every week. Sport is a religion in this city and the facilities are first class. Even if you are not so much into the competitive side of sports there are still plenty of options for you as a spectator. Events are happening every other day and most of the time it is absolutely free of charge.

Finlandia Marathon
Basketball game of one of the local clubs

I am a basketball fan and it was quite easy for me to find a team to play for here in Jyväskylä because there are about 4 teams in the area. The season started a month ago and as of now we are undefeated after 6 games. For the next month we will have 4 away games and I am really looking forward to travelling with the team and seeing other parts of Finland. And I am especially excited about the trips to Lapland in January. Although it is going to be dark in 90% of the time that won`t take away any of the fun we are going to have!

Back in September when we were still able to see the sun!

It is pretty much the same with every sport so finding the right place for you won`t be a tough job. The sport community in the city is open to anyone who loves sports and physical activity. So if you are someone like me, reading this and asking yourself the same questions I was asking myself a year ago stop doing it right now and just apply to this program. You won`t regret your choice in the slightest. Guaranteed.

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