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Home away from Home

I cannot actually believe that it has been more than three month since I moved to Jyväskylä. Looking back, I know for sure that I have made the best of my time so far both in school and social life. So I guess I will try to walk you through few moments that have left […]

Culture shocks for Finns

Half a year has passed since the start of the studies in Jyväskylä University. I had quite a change since I moved to Joensuu to live with my boyfriend while studying in Jyväskylä and now I am travelling back and forth between these two cities. After living in Helsinki, the capital of Finland, it has […]

Happy Independence Day Finland

Remember, remember! The sixth of December, the declaration of freedom and hope. I know there´s no reason. Why this festive season, would ever be forgot. We will always remember the women, men and children of war.   the one´s who sacrificed themselves for more. For Home, Religion and Fatherland. The unifying words to which we all […]

New Life in Finland

New Life in Finland

Time goes so fast, I could not believe have been in Finland for exactly 3 months. I have to admit that life was be a little hard in the first week because I didn’t knew  anybody here and I was unfamiliar with surroundings; however, things got better since I met my the very first friend Khadooj here. She […]