Home away from Home

I cannot actually believe that it has been more than three month since I moved to Jyväskylä. Looking back, I know for sure that I have made the best of my time so far both in school and social life. So I guess I will try to walk you through few moments that have left good foot prints with me.

First and for most, I have been fortunate to study in the most diverse classroom along with classmates from all around the world with different academic backgrounds and experiences. This makes the learning environment fun and challenging all at the same time as each and every one bring in unique perspective to the discussions. Plus studying under the supervision of such committed, engaging and caring professor has also made enjoyable. I feel lucky to be in going to classes to learn alongside with awesome classmates and professors 🙂

I also had the opportunity to become friend with most of my classmates and other students from the International Sports Master’s Program (Biology and Psychology). As side from our classroom setups, almost everyone make an effort to organize small social gathering such as dinner nights, bar nights, movie night and even watching games at the bars and the endless birthday parties. These times has been helpful in connecting us and providing us supports for each other and create senses of belongingness in a place that is away from home. In most of this gathering I find myself engaging in discussion about our different programs, friends, families and even politics about our different countries. I guess these are among the few rewards that we get from studying in such an international environment. The world at the tips of our finger  🙂

Our university also provides endless fitness classes and ball games that I truly enjoy with my classmates and girls (Riikka, Psyche, Kim and Khadija). Almost every week we attended Zumba classes which are really fun and relaxing after a long day of school and studying. I also enjoy weekly floorball games, interval trainings and personal gym practice. These fitness times have also been helpful to adjust to the winter and darkness in Finland that I am not really used to. It also helps that almost everyone at the university and beyond is active which provide us with extra motivation that me and my friends need on my lazy days. I am also an assistant coach for Palokan Riento U11 boy’s football team. It is a great place for me to enjoy teaching the game that I love the most and also learn Finnish from the boys 🙂 A bit of get away from busy and serious academic and social commitment

Last but not least, few events throughout the semester that has made it quite enjoyable. First was the annual Autumn ESN football tournament which was fun and we actually won the tournament J Second was the weekly dinner dates that each of my friend host in their apartments and cook home foods. Not only we get to enjoy a new and delicious meal but also build an amazing friendship that is beyond classrooms. Third the annual Liikunta Ball Dance, we get to dress up and enjoy the evening with current and former sport students in the university. Forth and one of my favorite was the International Master Programs 10th year Anniversary Celebrations weekend. It was awesome to meet former graduate of the sport master’s program and hear about their current works. Plus we also got to play and mingling in fun games organized by students. This was a great weekend for networking. Last but not least we had fun and informal dinner.

So if you ask me, this semester has been full of adventures and great learning experiences. I am really fortunate to be surrounded by awesome friends, colleague and faculty that have made my staying in Jyväskylä enjoyable. I guess in less than three month, I have found my home away from home. Jyväskylä is an absolutely beautiful city that anyone could find something to do, so come and study with us and make your experiences memorable. 🙂 🙂




Dinner with lovely friends (Riikka, Khadija, Psyche, Kim)



Measuring lifting progress 🙂



Liikunta Ball 2015


International Master Programs 10th Anniversary Celebration


International Master Programs 10th Anniversary Dinner 🙂


Selfie with our professor Hanna 🙂


Ethiopian Dinner in Helsinki 🙂



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