OMG back to -30!!!

After a good Christmas break back home, with a sunny winter weather of 24 degrees, I arrived Jyvaskyla on the 8th Jan and it was -30 degrees, I got the shock of my life when the train door opened, I could hardly breathe and I was like OMG what did I do? why did I come back!!! but I somehow survived the -30 and even did some winter sports at -25.

We started the winter school on the 11th Jan for two weeks, where we had the following 3 course:

  • International Perspectives to Organization and Management of Sport
  • Sport Marketing
  • Winter School

During the two weeks we were able to meet people from all over the world, we had students from Australia, Germany, France, Spain, Belgium and about 10 students from the 2015 SposMaPro class. the courses were about the way sport organizations were managed in Europe & Finland and sport marketing in general.

Winter school was a course I really enjoyed, I was able to try snowboarding and downhill skiing for the first time in my life which was fun and exciting apart from the -25 temp.

winter school

For the closing dinner of winter school we went to Alvaro Alto Museum for dinner with the group, it was a nice evening with dinner, drinks, some social activates.


Overall the weather is getting better it was only -3 today and as per the weather forecast we will have a warm week which is perfect for winter sports.

I am looking forward to go back to my daily routine of going to classes and preparing for exams and assignments.










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