Deeper into sports world

Hey everyone! How’s it going?

Hopefully you were on time to apply to SpoSMaPro program and are counting days now till your invitation for the interviews. We are waiting to give you a warm welcome here in September 🙂

So what’s new and interesting here? Well, as it was said already by my group mates in this blog, some of us participated in the Winter School in Sport Sciences during 2 weeks right after Christmas break (11-22 January). I am really glad I was a part of it: new people, partly new format of studies, nice group works, and winter sports all together. Honestly, it was physically quite tough for me. I don’t know if it is because of the intensive studies right after the long holidays or because of the winter, but I was super tired during those days, falling asleep around 9 pm every day. I did all the three (3) offered courses as I think it is a great deal to earn 9 ECTS in such a short time period. Winter Sports course was practical and worth 1 ECTS. In my mind, it was the best addition to the lectures that we had in the other 2 courses. I bet especially for our “overseas students” who had a chance to do so many winter activities with supervisors’ support. Even I was amazed by the opportunity to try downhill skiing and snowboarding, despite living almost my whole life in the north. So the sports/activities we practiced were:

  • cross-country skiing
  • figure skating & ice-hockey
  • hiking trip in snowy forest
  • after-trip sauna
  • snowboarding
  • downhill skiing
  • “Winter Olympics” (competition in teams outdoors).
Hiking trip in the woods (Winter School). It’s -28 C.

Trust me, it’s a lot of fun to do all these things in such an international group of students. Here you can find some more info: . Also, if you have your own skis/snowboard/boots, don’t forget to take them to Jyväskylä, because here you will have a great urban resort, just in 10 min walk from Kortepohja: .

The studies of the second semester are not that intensive as they seemed to be in the first one, so I tried to load myself with optional studies and get a bit deeper into my thesis topic. Note: there are limited number of courses that we can take from the Business School of the University as we are eligible only for basic business studies. Advanced courses can be taken only if you completed basic courses of that faculty (no matter what you previous university degree was about). I don’t think it’s fair but I chose some optional courses from Sport Faculty instead.

Bandy game: JPS-Pori. Viitaniemi.


As a part of one optional course we visited several sport games during these months. For example, our work group was assigned to watch ice-hockey, bandy, and futsal games, and analyze its management. Real sport cases. Isn’t that cool? 🙂

The temperature was jumping from -30 C to +2 C during these two months (Jan-Feb), but we survived it. Now everyone started to search for summer jobs or internships. I have a part-time job in the university during this spring semester as a group fitness instructor. I like it a lot. It is a very nice environment here. After-school sport classes are a great way to recover and exercise for everyone. Join pump classes 😉

BBQ by the lake.

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