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Life begins at the end of your comfort zone

Spring is already on its way and days are getting longer and sunnier in Jyväskylä too. This second semester has offered a chance to try out new things and get out of routine. During the winter its been just lovely to live just 15min walk away of the Laajavuori skiing center and forest. I had […]

Green Signals for the Bright Blue Horizons

Six months of the academic year gone, only three left. As I wrote down in my first publication, there is much more to just studying when you are in the University of Jyväskylä and part of the SposMaPro programme so I can openly admit that I am not keen to see the year ending. Nobody […]

Winter in Jvyaskyla, Finaland!!!!

I couldn’t believe that it’s already been around 8 months since I started my Master’s degree in Jyvaskyla University and soon I will be the second year student xp The winter in Finland was kind of hard for me to adjust to since there was no sunshine and sometimes it went down to maximum -30degrees. […]

Remembering to breathe

Hi everyone!   We are half way through our spring semester and the days are getting longer and longer, hurray! This is always the time when you feel like you’ve overcome the darkest period of the winter and the sunny spring days are just ahead of you. Feels good 🙂   We had quite a […]