Remembering to breathe

Hi everyone!


We are half way through our spring semester and the days are getting longer and longer, hurray! This is always the time when you feel like you’ve overcome the darkest period of the winter and the sunny spring days are just ahead of you. Feels good 🙂


We had quite a tight schedule during the fall semester and by the time the Christmas break arrived, we were all quite thankful for that. The long break in between semesters was more than welcome. Most of us travelled back home, but a few stayed in Jyväskylä and enjoyed all the winter activities the city has to offer. Especially ice skating at the lake is very popular, and it is a must at least once every winter!


At first, the spring term seems to be more relaxed than the first half of the academic year, but that is mainly for us to have time to select optional studies. And that’s where you can easily get greedy! There is a wide range of studies you can take from other faculties and if you’re Finnish (or speak Finnish for some reason…), then you can basically choose any courses from any faculty. The minimum amount of optional studies is 26 ECTS, but it isn’t too hard to exceed that amount. There are a lot of interesting courses to choose from, for example the business faculty, psychology department and all the language courses are very popular too. Depending on your own interests, the optional studies bring a different perspective to our own courses and can deepen the knowledge we have already gathered. And since there were so many interesting courses going on, I ended up taking a whole load of them, and all of a sudden my calendar wasn’t so empty any more…


The main target for our spring semester is starting to write our thesis. Our goal is to have at least 10-15 pages written by the end of May accompanied by a finished research plan. Even though the spring term is longer, there is a lot to do and we are working on it on a weekly basis. Alongside all of the other courses, we don’t really need to think what we do during our spare time 😀 I have noticed that when the work load starts to pile up, it is more than important to remember to tune down once in a while and do something completely different. As said in the earlier posts our university offers a large range of group fitness classes and you can actually sign up for specific sport modules, such as ballet and Pilates (and earn 1 ECTS!!). Or if you’re not in the mood for sports, then go and grab a cup of tea with your classmates in one of the many cafeterias in the campus area. Or like I do, when in need of immediate stress-relief, simply close the computer, put on some warm clothes and head outside to breathe in some fresh air.


So to sum up, if you feel like everything is exhausting you and can’t get anything done, then maybe its time for a break. So step outside, take a couple of deep breaths and just relax.


The deadline can wait an hour or two.


First signs of spring: SUN!
The best reward after ice skating: hot chocolate. Its a must.
Ice skaters at lake Jyväsjärvi, right next to our campus.

Lots of love,



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