Winter in Jvyaskyla, Finaland!!!!

I couldn’t believe that it’s already been around 8 months since I started my Master’s degree in Jyvaskyla University and soon I will be the second year student xp

The winter in Finland was kind of hard for me to adjust to since there was no sunshine and sometimes it went down to maximum -30degrees. However, after I am used to it, I started to enjoy the amazing winter in Finland.

In January, the winter school offered by our faculty provided us with enjoyable lectures: I took part in International perspective sport management and Sport Marketing courses in which I met new fellow students who are from Australia and Erasmus exchange program.

As for extracurricular entertainment, sometimes I go skiing in the Laajavuori ski center which is one of the most nearest ski resort to downtown in the world ( only 20mins bike from University which is awesome xp, and the happy hour price is only 10euros including equipment and lift !!! ). Besides, I also have tried the ice skating in actual frozen lake. (it was so scared at first haha) but the most amazing thing about the winter of Finland is that all landscape is covered by huge amount of pure snow like what I saw in movie ‘Frozen’.

About study, I really enjoy the curriculum of this semester. Compared to the last semester, the courses of this semester are focusing more on practical knowledge such as sport media. We learn more about trendy issues in sport management. What is more, we also start working on our thesis such as literature reviews and introduction xp

It’s been almost one year since I started my new life and study overseas but I have a strong feeling that I have improved a lot in many ways J now I am planning to go on an exchange study in the UK as I would like to enhance my language proficiency, broaden my sport related knowledge. Sposmapro equips me with expertise in sports field in order to be a future sport manager 🙂 therefore I could say that new students will definitely enjoy here.



Frozen windows in my room haha


After winter school class


It was only at 3pm!! Can you imagine?


Preparing the presentation for the sport globalization lecture, it was about Asianization trend in sport field.



Ice ball game between Jyp team and Helsinki team.



Typical Finnish winter style ? We are Sposmapro trio!


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