Life begins at the end of your comfort zone


Spring is already on its way and days are getting longer and sunnier in Jyväskylä too. This second semester has offered a chance to try out new things and get out of routine.

During the winter its been just lovely to live just 15min walk away of the Laajavuori skiing center and forest. I had already many years dreamed of learning snowboarding and this January my dream came true. University sport organized an affordable snowboarding course where during the three days I learnt the basics of snowboarding. After few times I got hooked up and ended up even buying my own snowboard! Another amazing experience was trying out ice swimming. The feeling you get when you dip into 0 degree water and your body tickles, AMAZING!


While having friends from your study program, it is also important get to know other students from sports faculty or other faculties. In December I was looking an activity to join, then I saw on Facebook that the study association of our faculty, Sporticus, was looking a new board. I have some experience of working in different associations and knew that this would be my thing. After a while I found myself as a head of international affairs of Sporticus. Being in Sporticus has been really awesome so far. Getting to know people from PE teacher studies, health education and other studies has been really nice! As a board we are taking care of many things, such as organizing nice events for students at our faculty. For example at last exam day we jumped in a bus and drove to Himos ski resort for an afternoon to ski and snowboard,  and after we came back we organized nice sauna and a little party! Furthermore, Sporticus has a nice student room at our faculty where you can for example play pool or FIFA, or just enjoy a cup of coffee or tea. There is of course a lot more to tell but lets leave something for Autumn! You can check the or “Sporticus in English”- group in Facebook for more info!


Lately I have been taking some optional studies which have been very eye opening. During the course Physical Activity and Ageing, I have been attending to gym and circuit trainings with senior people. Its been really inspiring to work out together and chat about life! I also just started course about Adapted Physical Activity, we havent done much yet but I am already so thrilled to have the practical classes where we will try out for example wheelchair basketball!

dinner with friends

As we all know about the benefits of physical exercising during your university life. I also joined to a local ladies football team (Jypk) and continued my favorite hobby. However, sometimes it is really good to challenge yourself. Going to pair dance and street dance classes is been completely new experience to me and I have needed to put myself out of my comfort zone, which feels great!


Its almost Easter, which means a holidays for Sposmapro family! For me and many others its a time for travelling, sooo -> the Netherlands and Italy here I come!

Happy Easter!

-Kreettita xxblog3


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