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Hello there, First of all, I have to say that time has flown so fast and I cannot believe that we are almost done with our first academic year. Actually we were talking about that today during our lunch break and we all were saying that it feels like we just started our studies here […]

April – Huhtikuu

The second semester is, well not yet coming to an end, but we are at least past the middle point. As previous posts have mentioned, we have had less mandatory courses but more elective studies which have enriched at least my spring. Among the mandatory courses we have had sport and media, quantitative research methods, […]

Life through Winter and Exciting Spring

Greeting to current and future Sport Management & Health Promotion Masters Students 🙂 First and for most the long and cold winter is finally over 🙂 🙂 I won’t lie there were few coldest nights that made me wonder if I made the right decision to move to Finland. This winter has made me miss […]

Extreme Winter

Sometimes I miss home, I miss the food, I miss the friends, I miss all the entertainment…But here, in Finland, I cherish the peace and quietness. It gives you more private time to do the things you really want to do. Unlike in China, the city ,especially Shanghai,  is filled with bustle and hustle. After almost two […]