Life through Winter and Exciting Spring

Greeting to current and future Sport Management & Health Promotion Masters Students 🙂

First and for most the long and cold winter is finally over 🙂 🙂 I won’t lie there were few coldest nights that made me wonder if I made the right decision to move to Finland. This winter has made me miss the warm and friendly winter back in the States. However, in Finland it is really awesome that even the extreme winter won’t slowed down the active and nature loving people from outdoor activities. It is fun to see people going to ice-swimming, cross country skiing, snow-football, cross country skiing on the lake as well as other endless winter sports. I will tell you a secrete, if you would like to know the key to surviving the dark and cold winter  then “be active”.  Signing up for the winter school 2016 was the best decision I made. Winter School is two weeks program that you get to study two elective courses and also take optional winter sport class. For most of the international students including myself this was the first time we actually get to take part in a well organized winter sport activities with fun instructors. We learnt how to dress warmly (which is very important :p) and have fun on the fluffy snow like little kids. It was so much fun skiing, snowboarding, cross country skiing as well as down hill skiing. Plus make an effort to still spend quality time with your friends here in Finland as well as friends and families from home 🙂 and before you know it, spring with beautiful sun will be back on your window 🙂


When it comes to the social life, this semester has been really good to continue to connect with my fellow classmates as well as university students and locals Jyvaskyla peps. Endless dinner night, birthday celebrations, night outs in local bars and clubs, and of course watching local clubs games as well as football matches has added to the resting and relaxing time outside of my studies. Each of this informal gathering bring the best skills out of each of us :p some of us are good cooks, some are great desert chiefs while others are great at making drinks. I guess that what we get when we live and study in such a diverse environment 🙂image_4


image_1image_2Birthday celebration in Helsinki 🙂 🙂 ❤

Trust me, the more effort you put in to connect with people the more enjoyable life in Finland and winter can be. I am very grateful for strangers who has now become close friends and families.

Last but not least, our university and the city of Jyvaskyla provides endless sporting events and volunteering opportunities which can expand your social circle. I am fortunate to be coach two youth football club teams, play for our university futsal team as well as take university sport classes. I find it useful to learn Finnish, meet new people, stay active in winter as well as give back to the kind community.

Last but not least, studying this semester is going fairly good. Though we are not taking as many mandatory courses as a collective group, we each are enjoying taking fun and engaging optional courses. We have also been fortunate to take courses such as Sport Marketing and Current Issues in Management and Social Sciences of Sports that we do project on local sport clubs and organizations. This are really fun opportunities to learn how sport and sport policies are designed, implemented and evaluates in public, private and civic sectors. It is also good for student to learn how to apply the different sport theories we have learnt and work with different students and sport experiences. I tell you, the more you give the more you learn!!!

Now that the weather is so much better, I am enjoying biking and Northern Light Hunting season 🙂 I believe I will survive the endless paper at the end of next month 🙂 🙂

Summer is just around the corner and I am excited to work and enjoy my time here in  Jyvaskyla. Until next blog, remember “you have to risk it to get the biscuit” :p


Best regards,





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