April – Huhtikuu

The second semester is, well not yet coming to an end, but we are at least past the middle point. As previous posts have mentioned, we have had less mandatory courses but more elective studies which have enriched at least my spring. Among the mandatory courses we have had sport and media, quantitative research methods, integrated research methods, public and voluntary sectors of sports, just to name few. Out of these courses I have truly enjoyed the sport and media course. First and foremost the lecturer was extremely good, he was lively and entertaining (telling us real life

examples and real-life stories) during the lectures even though they lasted six hours each! Furthermore he was an experienced reporter and lecturer which made it a pleasure to listen to him.

Sunny day on Jyväsjärvi.

For the electives studies I have chosen to do a minor in marketing. I believe that marketing is one of the key issues in which future managers should have competences in. The studies in marketing so far have been mostly basics but I have yet again found them really helpful also for my other studies. To make an example, we have the course public health and health promotion, which partly covers the marketing and advertising of health promotion interventions. It has been really useful to know the basics of marketing, which I have been able to apply to health promotion setting.

Brake during a ski trip.

Another aspect that is related to elective studies is networking. As most of our mandatory courses are with our own group, you don’t really get to meet students from other study programs. Through elective studies you can meet people, naturally depending from the choice of your studies, from business school, PE teacher study program and Finnish sociology of sport program to name the few. Networking comes extremely useful when entering the work life, since the students that you work with now will be your co-workers in the future. Good networks might even help you get the job in the future!

After the snow-richest winter for some years (maybe the fact that I have been living in Helsinki previously and now more in the North has something to do with it) I am really looking forward to the summer. Some of us will do the internship or have a summer job while some of us travel home to enjoy the holidays. Let’s still enjoy rest of the spring!


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