Golden autumn days in the Finnish Lakeland


We live life as it comes to us. Human behavior is quite similar to Mother Nature. Every season has their effect on us. On one sunny September afternoon, I was cycling up hills on my way back from the University; I noticed that the streets are full with autumn leaves. Autumn seemed to have arrived suddenly this year. September is the doorway to the most colorful month of the year. It is rich with golden leaves, crispy wind that swept through the dry road covered with fall leaves, the fresh smell of apple after a short autumn rain and the big orange pumpkin, which calls for Halloween party! This is also the time, which brings the awesome feeling of upcoming Durga puja (festival in India)! The festive mood is on whenever there are red maple leaves on the ground instead of shiuli flower (native to south Asia). It always makes me nostalgic!

I came to Jyväskylä for academic reason. Faculty of sport and health science at the University of Jyväskylä is the only place in Finland where one could merge health sciences and sport management together. The academic environment is very much encouraging and happening. Education starts with sport.

Welcome to Jyväskylä

I have always wondered how we could improve our well-being through sports and physical activities. Sport sociology is providing me the platform to understand the relationship between social science and sports. The business aspect of sport is also another interesting area.

It was indeed a great experience to meet our teachers and group-mates in the University and get to know the culture of a new society. I must admit that the supervisors and tutors have always been in touch with newcomers to help and show them the university campus and the city as well. The city is full with students and cycles. The nature is very close to the city and it is very easy to do different kinds of physical activities in free time.

This is my very first semester and everything is quite new to me. I have enjoyed the classes and the company of my group-mates. I am learning many things about others and of course about me as well.  Surprisingly, it just takes few days and you start to feel like you have always been here. The teachers, friends, flat-mates, the bicycle path and even the new room feel like being part of my world!

Finally, I would like to say that I have liked my staying and studying in Jyväskylä so far. It is just beginning of a new academic life and I am sure there will be lot of new things happening in the near future. With all my curiosity, I am looking forward to it!




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