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Thousand shades….

         My fellows already wrote some observations about studies so I will just briefly write my point of view…        Study programme is designed quite well. After your arrival you have plenty of time to adapt. New environment, university life, campus life, big city life. Courses will help you to […]

Getting the most out of my studies

Like many of us have said, the time is flying really fast. The first two months are almost behind us. This is actually the first time when I stop for a moment to think about these passed months. A lot has happened! I believe we all came here with a lot of motivation and enthusiasm. I […]

Living a varied life

The first six weeks of attending the international Master Programme in Sport Management and Health promotion have passed, six weeks of my new life in Jyväskylä, six weeks full of excitement. Six weeks also means, that the first modules are completed already, the first extensive assignments are done and the first exams are ahead. Each […]

A chill is in the air…

A week into the SpoSMaPro course, one of the Finnish students noted,” There will be one week in which the weather will turn from warm to cold. Then you know winter is on its way.” Last week was that week for me. Walking the 30 minutes to university in temperatures of negative 4 and 5 […]

One month behind, many more ahead!

One month behind, many more ahead!

Now that our very first month is complete in the University of Jyväskylä, I wanted to write a few words about the first impressions of our studies. Firstly, time is really flying by! I feel that our calendars have been surprisingly booked with courses and tasks since the start; always something to do. There isn’t any doubt on the fact […]