One month behind, many more ahead!

Now that our very first month is complete in the University of Jyväskylä, I wanted to write a few words about the first impressions of our studies.

Firstly, time is really flying by! I feel that our calendars have been surprisingly booked with courses and tasks since the start; always something to do. There isn’t any doubt on the fact that the next two years will be speeding by.

Our first semester is planned with mandatory courses, leading our way towards the right direction. The optional studies will have a more significant role during spring time, yet you do have a choice to participate in some of them already, if feeling up for it.

I think that the present is a good time for everyone to think about which areas are important to them. Basically what we want to be focusing on. I have a hunch that there will be some trouble in picking the best courses for spring, since the variety is large and the choices rather free- but of course this is only a good thing!

Also, planning our Master’s thesis has been brought up right from the start, I guess you can’t really start thinking about it too early…

Us Finns have been put to work with our Swedish skills as the international group started to practice their Finnish with great enthusiasm. Hienoa!

Now the sun is still shining brightly and the days are warm. It’s a great weather for being outdoors, running and cycling around. Soon it will become darker, but perhaps we’ll be too busy to notice… for now, we’re still enjoying the sun and I think that all is well; feeling rather optimistic on everything.


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