A chill is in the air…

A week into the SpoSMaPro course, one of the Finnish students noted,” There will be one week in which the weather will turn from warm to cold. Then you know winter is on its way.” Last week was that week for me. Walking the 30 minutes to university in temperatures of negative 4 and 5 degrees was the turning point where winter came. One of the fascinations with Finland for me is the long and short days. I guess I have a little wait on my hands for the longest day, but the shortest day is rapidly approaching. I think we are about to nose dive into winter.

Jyvaskyla is a beautiful city. This is my first time to Jyvaskyla. I am enjoying the scenery, the quiet and the ability to walk everywhere – luckily, the weather has been favourable in this regard. The next thing I need is my bike, to take advantage of the many cycling opportunities Jyvaskyla has to offer. I am looking forward to experiencing single day and weekend cycling tours.

Despite the approach of colder, shorter days, I cannot complain. The last 45 days have been wonderful in so many ways. I have met a fabulous group of people from all parts of the world, who are studying the SpoSMaPro course. Most importantly we all get along very well. The course itself has been very interesting. We have been learning about the role of sport in society, participation levels in Europe and around the world, how sport is administered, communication skills in many contexts, and research methods. All in the first semester. The second semester will bring in a range of optional courses… decisions, decisions…

The ability to choose from a wide range of subjects in an industry I am interested in, was the reason I chose this course. The SpoSMaPro course covers a wide variety of subject matter so there is always something to learn. I also wanted to add to my existing knowledge in sports management and organisation. I look forward to gaining new insights as the course progresses, but before I get ahead of myself…back to my learning diary!frost


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