Living a varied life

The first six weeks of attending the international Master Programme in Sport Management and Health promotion have passed, six weeks of my new life in Jyväskylä, six weeks full of excitement. Six weeks also means, that the first modules are completed already, the first extensive assignments are done and the first exams are ahead. Each course is structured differently, has a different starting point, has different modes of completion and different grading.  Consequently this means no week looks like the other. The schedule is varying a lot and there is no such thing as routine or repetition, which is great. Also the exams are evenly distributed throughout the months and there is no final examination phase at the end of the semester that drives everyone crazy. We go crazy evenly distributed throughout the semester 😉

Six weeks also means sufficient time to try new sports. We all came here to study sport because sport is our passion. Jyväskylä is not only a good place to study but also to do sport. University Sports of the University of Jyväskylä organises sport services that include group fitness classes, ballgame sessions and common sports events.  Every day you can choose between more than 10 sport courses, all you need is the sport sticker that students can buy for a small and fair amount. You can even sign in for an optional sport course and you get credits for trying out different sport disciplines. By participating in 15 sessions (including one lecture) you gain two credits, isn’t that great?! Besides University Sports there are numerous sport clubs in Jyväskylä. If you want to practice regularly and want to compete against other Finnish teams you should join a sport club. Be aware that is might be slightly different than in your country, e.g. expenses can be quite high and sponsors are hard to find. However, one thing for sure is the same: Team spirit! Last but not least there is another option to get physically active: The nature. Finns have a strong nature relationship and most of the Finn´s physical activity is self-organised and takes place outside. Besides the thousands of beautiful lakes and forests you can find many well-prepared running paths, disk-golf courses, gymnastic bars, etc. outside.

I do a mixture of everything: I got the sport sticker, I joined a Volleyball and a Gaelic Football team and (since I am not a good runner) I go for a walk in the beautiful nature. This mixture is great. I am part of an awesome Finnish and an amazing international team, I work out regularly and try out new things. Variety is the spice of life 😉

University Sports Group Fitness Classes
University Sports Ball Games
The Huki Volleyball Girls
The Gaelic Football Team – Jyväskylä Abu!



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