Getting the most out of my studies

Like many of us have said, the time is flying really fast. The first two months are almost behind us. This is actually the first time when I stop for a moment to think about these passed months. A lot has happened!

I believe we all came here with a lot of motivation and enthusiasm. I would be lying if I said that my motivation has not been sometimes put to the test. Some of our courses have definetely caused gray hairs to me. Also, I have had to admit myself that I can’t be good at everything. For instance, the Swedish course has probably been the most difficult course for me for a while. I used to be very good at Swedish, but I haven’t used it after high school, so it has been very challenging to start creating sentences in Swedish. In addition, a 15 minutes oral presentation in Swedish almost got me terrified. However, I’m still alive!

During my studies I have learnt to prioritize things. Since I realized I can’t get the best grade from every course, I have allowed myself to focus more on the courses I’m really interested in. I didn’t come here to study Swedish so I decided not to stress too much about that. And that decision has been very soothing! We all have our weaknesses and Swedish is mine. Not that big deal! It also helps a lot that our SpoSMaPro group is wonderful, so supportive and positive, that it is a pleasure to study with these persons. We have a great team spirit, and I think that’s one reason why I really enjoy studying right now. We have made studying a funny and socially educational experience.

Getting together in Laajavuori

Even though we have a quite strict curriculum, we also have a possibility to create our own personal study paths. Our programme allows us to specialize in the fields that we are interested in and that are essential for our future. This is definitely a good thing, since it allows you to make the studies specifically meaningful for you, and also helps to get the most out of your studies. Finally, I have noticed that studying in a university, and especially in this programme, enhances the ability to make things questionable, and encourages me to think issues from different perspectives. And this has made studying even more rewarding!

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