Being a student again

I would say that I have studied and worked in very diverse teams and groups almost my entire life, especially since my early adulthood. I studied in an International Entrepreneurship Course where there were students from all over the world (Argentina, China, etc.), I did my Bachelor’s Degree in the USA, and I worked many years in an international company where I worked on a daily basis with diverse groups that consisted of different nationalities, people from different hierarchical and organizational level, people from different functions, and people from different age groups. So, studying in this very international group of people isn’t new to me, it is rather normal, but studying at this age (I just turned 43) is something that I was a bit hesitant about. It’s bit frightening to put your career on hold for a couple of years, to get by on a student’s budget, and to get back to a study mode after all these years.

Passion for sports

The fact that I’m participating in this program at this age, clearly indicates my intrinsic motivation and determination to achieve my long-term goal of getting a career in the field of sports. I believe that building a successful – and more importantly an enjoyable – career depends on finding the right fit, and that means finding a culture that works for you. To me that is sports – nothing else. Sports have played a significant role in my life since I started my volleyball career at the age of 11. Until this day, sports have been my biggest passion and will remain one for the rest of my life. Without a true passion it is extremely difficult to reach your full potential and happiness in life, which I came to realize when I held many high level management positions in the international companies, and practically had everything one can wish for her career. Regardless, I was never happy. I wasn’t happy because the passion and heart was missing from the equation. I have always known, and so many times it has been stated by others, that I should have a career in sports. But it is not until now that I’ve decided to truly act on it and do everything in my power to finally make my dream come true.

My studies so far have been extremely interesting and rewarding. At this age, with a long work career behind, I feel like I’m getting so much more out the lectures than when I was twenty without hardly any work experience. I’m also extremely happy about my fellow students; I can honestly say that from day one, it was very clear to me that I will truly enjoy studying with this wonderful group. There is a lot of laughter every day to ease up the hard work on our studies. All in all, smart but a fun group. I’m very thankful for having the opportunity to be part of this great program and this awesome group, and eventually, for having a dream career in the field of sports.


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