So far so good

Well, hello there!

At the moment I have same kind of feelings as Brian wrote few weeks ago in his blog Time flies when you´re having fun (and busy studying). The autumn period has gone very quickly and I thought to tell you how I have found it so far.

Overall, I would say that it has been very interesting and busy first months. For me, the content of studies have been quite expected and the work-load has been adequate. Full-time studying with different kind of assignments have make it sometimes pretty hectic. But what else could you expect from a Master´s degree programme? Of course, there will be tasks and deadlines but you just need to know how to manage your time.  Remember to do something completely out-off-studying –field once in a while. Do sports, have fun with your friends – most importantly give yourself time to rest!

Also, something I realized few days back – we have now completed 1/4th of our studies! Time flies…

As a conclusion: So far so good and always remember to take the most out of your time what ever you´re doing – have a pleasant Christmas holidays!unnamed


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