First semester is gone by in the blink of an eye

semester-first-lifeI still remember my first day at University of Jyväskylä. The day started with meeting my group mates, our faculty, university premises and the city around the University campus. After that, life has moved on very fast. We all were mostly occupied with lectures, classes, exams and busy lunches with friends. However, fun time was never excluded from our busy schedule. I have enjoyed the charming company of my classmates while playing badminton, bowling and also during gym hours. I suppose that our group represents one big happy family in the Liikunta building.

During this fall semester, I have learned so many new things. Being a Master degree student in the faculty of sport and health science, I have started to feel like an academic person. To me, University is like a big ocean and we are swimming into different directions where we want to be. You explore new ideas, face challenges and work hard to reach your goal. The professors, seniors and other students give us the opportunity to flourish. The academic and sport culture in our department motivate me to fight against long cold Nordic winter.

With all my curiosity, I am looking forward to the Winter school 2017 which will start in January. Nordic winter sports, international students and the white winter will certainly create sparks among us. We have already gone through our first semester in the University with success! I am sure that many more challenging yet rewarding days are yet come in our  next semester!


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