Wrapping Up 2016 (already?!)

I find it easy to agree with what my classmates have said in the previous posts with our time flying, busy schedules, wonderful group. Honestly, I have barely noticed the surrounding change of seasons.

I thought I wanted to write something  for people currently balancing their decision of whether or not to apply for this program, comfortably living in their home cities. Before moving back to my home town for the autumn 2016 I was living and working in Helsinki,- as the case has primarily been for the past five years. Now being really honest, this was one issue I was concerned of; I reaaaally didn’t want to live in Jyväskylä again (need to go forward, not return backwards)!

Perhaps some of you readers are thinking about that move as well?

Well come here, it’s worth it! I am so very happy, grateful and relieved that 1. I decided to apply for this program, 2. I actually got in and 3.  I let go of my apartment in Helsinki which I was also considering to keep: now the focus is set on future possibilities. For me, this program is an awesome opportunity to combine knowledge in the fields of sports and business. The studies are flexible towards everyone’s interests and backgrounds, letting us dig inside the subjects we are most keen on, and therefor motivated to building our expertise around; moving forward fast, definitely not backwards at any point.

I think that the previous is one major reason of such an awesome group forming. We come from different backgrounds; sports, media, marketing, health studies etc., different cultures and have different aims for our future. We are not competing against each other (how could we?). Instead we encourage, learn from these different perspectives and move forward… towards the New Year 2017!

Therefor it is time to wrap up the first semester, and soon the year 2016. I am excited to seeing what the spring will bring for us, in addition to the reappearing, hiding sun. One thing I have definitely been reminded about,  in this autumn is; don’t leave tasks to last minute! 🙂


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