Winter School…


Picture this… 2 weeks of intense learning, meeting students from around the world, 5-9 ECTS up for grabs, AND the opportunity to participate in Winter Sports such snowboarding, skiing and ice skating. Sound like an opportunity not to be missed? Yep it sure is. From January 9 – 23, the University of Jyvaskyla hosted their annual Winter School programme consisting of two learning modules and the practical sessions of the winter sports. The number of practical sessions are :

  • 2 skiing / snowboarding
  • 1 Cross country skiing
  • 1 Ice Skating/ Ice Hockey (for the more advanced)
  • 1 outdoor trip for approximately 5-6 hours
  • 1 Winter Olympics games session to round off the 2 weeks

In total a group of 38 students descended on Jyvaskyla from around the world, ready to learn, party and take on the slopes of Laajavouri. Many have not seen snow before, and others like myself have never tried sports such as snowboarding, skiing or ice skating.

Before the first session, there was excitement in the air, and a little nervousness, as we clutched our skis and boards and headed outside to the slopes of Laajavouri. But we needn’t have worried. Under the expert tutelage of Riikka and Ani, we learnt the basics before being let loose on the slopes.

I enjoyed all the sessions including ice skating although I felt like a baby giraffe taking its first steps. Many of the students whom I spoke with also expressed their enjoyment not only of the practical sessions, but the entire 2 weeks of the Winter School. If you get a chance, check it out for next January – hopefully we’ll see you next year!


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