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Springtiiime ?!?

I’m so glad that I had to write this blog today and not any days earlier! This weekend gave me the first glimpse (very very distant but still) of springtime. Not in terms of temperatures, which is still around -10, but in terms of sunny days and feeling the warmth of the sun in your […]


The base and solid ground obtained after completing courses in the first term help us students to better accommodate ourselves in the pleasant environment of the university campus and the city of Jyväskylä. Second semester has already began Now it is time to do real studies, become even more hard working in pursuing our personal, study, […]

New Year, New Me bullsh*t

Every year is a new start. True. People make New Year’s resolutions. Yes. Did I make one? Oh yes. How is it going? Not very well. Sounds familiar? I can comfort that you are not the only one who has failed. I promised myself that this year I won’t leave the assignments to the last […]