New Year, New Me bullsh*t


Every year is a new start. True. People make New Year’s resolutions. Yes. Did I make one? Oh yes. How is it going? Not very well.

Sounds familiar? I can comfort that you are not the only one who has failed. I promised myself that this year I won’t leave the assignments to the last minute. I hate stress, but I cause it to myself too often. Nothing causes stress as much as the coming deadlines. And I don’t even do anything about it. I always start too late, just one night before the deadline. I know, this is very stupid. However, I don’t get anything done earlier. The deadline has, somehow, always been the best motivator for me.

I faced this problem again during the past week. We had three deadlines for the learning logs of Winter School. One on Monday, one on Tuesday and the last one on Friday. And when I started to write them? In the morning of the deadline day. How stupid was I? I spent approximately nine hours in front of my laptop just to finish one assignment. Then another nine hours for the second one. Luckily, one of the learning logs was not that broad, but also that one took like two hours to finish. I almost cried when I was struggling with the assignments and wondered why I didn’t start earlier. Somehow I managed to return the assignments before the returning boxes closed. But it was a damn big job!

When will I learn not to torture myself? My New Year’s resolution failed, but I didn’t fail with the deadlines! My mom has always told me that “don’t worry, you are the person who will survive the deadlines no matter what”. But would it be possible to survive without a mental breakdown? 😀 We will see how it is going during this spring semester…


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