The base and solid ground obtained after completing courses in the first term help us students to better accommodate ourselves in the pleasant environment of the university campus and the city of Jyväskylä. Second semester has already began Now it is time to do real studies, become even more hard working in pursuing our personal, study, and career goals.

Christmas holiday, winter break, and seeing my family and friends back at home showed me where I will be always welcome and how much that places mean to me. If you want to be successful and happy in your life do not look back much, keep good memories, learn from failures, but importantly lift your head and walk ahead. At that time I cleared my mind and I have firmly decided to work harder and fully focus on my next goal – master thesis.

It is important to not get lost in the maze of information! Nowadays, information is available everywhere but which is truthful one and which one is trying to mislead you? The courses gave me the opportunity to listen, share, and exchange  opinions about diverse topics and to choose reliable sources of information. It is wonderful to hear viewpoints of professionals and experienced researchers which opens novel and novel door in approaching my topic from different perspectives.

Let’s make it happen! I told myself after listening to these guys. In addition to that I am reading articles related to my research area. By reading articles I realized that there is still a lot to explore. Sharing my observations with senior lecturer, who advices me, helps to profile my thesis. Through supervisor I got to cooperate with finnish researcher who familiarize me with current research thoughts and needs in Finland and internationally. For that reason I am seeking for summer internship wherever in Europe to employ my knowledge and gather data for my research. I have already sent few emails and planning to send more and more.

Fingers crossed!!! 😀

I encourage you to study abroad, and do internship too so you broaden your horizons!!



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