Springtiiime ?!?

I’m so glad that I had to write this blog today and not any days earlier! This weekend gave me the first glimpse (very very distant but still) of springtime. Not in terms of temperatures, which is still around -10, but in terms of sunny days and feeling the warmth of the sun in your skin!

Today is the first weekend that I didn’t spend home stressing about deadlines. I finally got to experience the Finnish ice-swimming (pic below) and running in (!) the middle of the lake.
We are now right in the middle of the second semester, some course has already been concluded, some haven’t even started. I feel like I’m in the right path now, trying to get things done without stressing too much.
Haven’t be easy after christmas holidays that i spent in sunny Italy. I remember the moment in which i landed in Helsinki and the Finnish weather hit me with almost -27 degree. I could barely breath! However, that seemed to be the coldest day of winter and I just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time =)

I also think that are also getting easier since we might have found our own balance, our own routine.

Thesis is still a taboo though, and did not really developed from October, since it has been very hard to combine both studies and research. However, teachers are very understandable and patience with every students.

Trip to Helsinki


Ice-swimming crew!




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