The spring term at the university

The spring semester has started with winter school in January. Winter school was exciting and fun. During that course, I have met new people from different part of Europe, South America and Australia. We have had memorable time at Laajavuori where we have done skiing, snowboarding and other outdoor activities. The whole course was quite intensive since we have covered 8-9 credits in two weeks. It was an amusing experience to see the ice hockey match at the arena between Jyväskylä and Helsinki team. All in all, the winter school has given a good start to the spring semester.


The month of February has gone very fast. It was packed with lectures, classes and demonstrations. March has begun with the smell of spring. The day is getting longer and the sun has already started to melt the ice. The light and the smile of the people around you make you feel like home. It is the time to get ready for long outdoor trip such as biking, hiking and camping. Even though, there are a lot of deadlines and research seminar in this semester,we should not forget to enjoy the weather and friends company!


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