It is barely believable that it has been 6 months (and counting) since we began this journey and we as a group are fast approaching the halfway point of our program. In the weeks and months that have gone by since the turn of the year, a lot of what has been mentioned by my peers in previous posts is most certainly echoed by yours truly in so much as in affirming what each of us has experienced thus far in this beautiful little big city that is Jyväskylä, as well as the activities that we as individuals have had the privilege of being a part of and have participated in, for example, the memorable Winter School program in January.

But of course, it is not all just fun and games and particularly at this stage of the season is when the wheels of our studies are fully in motion. A period best described as – to quote a famous, legendary and undoubtedly the most successful British football manager in history – “squeaky bum time!” Deadlines, exams and submission dates for research papers begin to look like the proverbial runaway steam train ploughing mercilessly on the snow-covered rail tracks and snow bombing the brave souls waiting on the platform.

Inevitably, at the business end of any work project or study program in life the work needed to be done will begin to feel like an uphill battle with seemingly no end in sight, and doubts and thoughts of trepidation of not completing the task at hand begin to creep into the mindset. However, it always seems impossible until it’s done, and though the struggle maybe real at times the beauty of the Jyväskylä student experience is that one is never alone in their quest in achieving their hopes and dreams.

Six months down the line, and you best believe there is surely more to come from this unique group in the weeks and months ahead: more laughs, more tears, more bruises, more unforgettable moments, more reading, more head-scratching, more writing and rewriting, a lot more late/sleepless nights and, in some cases, more nails to be bitten as we approach the finish line this time next year.

We may win little battles here and there in the meantime, but of course the ‘war’ is far from over!

Enjoy the lovely spring sunshine, and a peaceful upcoming Easter holiday to you all 😉



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