Small city with a big feel

Amici amici. This time I will use my blog entry to talk a bit about the life around university and spare you the Master’s Programme, deadlines and stress. So how is life here? What has Jyväskylä to offer?

Housing: Student organisations offer apartments and shared flats all over the city. I live in a single apartment in the student village of Kortepohja. The student village is huge and offers nearly 2000 students a place to live. All services are close: groceries are right around the corner and a great deal of hobby opportunities are right in the neighbourhood. Various common rooms can be booked in one of the approx. 15 buildings for a fair price to organise get-togethers or small parties. Also, saunas are available every day. As a tenant you can use the public sauna turns for free. There is also the possibility to book a sauna to do a “saunailta” with your friends. Last but not least there is also an Academic Sports gym in the O-building that is available all day. As you can see I am really happy with my housing situation in Kortepohja, however some of my fellow students live in other areas of the town and have similar opportunities.

Free time: Finns are really active – they just go out and do sports. Consequently Jyväskylä and the near surrounding provide many opportunities for an active lifestyle. Just grab your skies for alpine or cross-country skiing at Laajavuori (10 minute walk from Kortepohja) or put on your ice skates to skate some rounds on one of the lakes or public ice rinks (almost all schools’ playgrounds turn into ice rinks during winter). Various second hand shops in Jyväskylä offer the chance to purchase good second hand sports ware.

Other than the outdoor life, Jyväskylä has much to offer. Grab food at the Pancake house, a burger at the American Diner or a Pizza at famous Maria. Have a glass of wine in the hip bar of Vakkiopaine, drink a beer at the students famous Sohwi bar and move on to one of the many clubs and discotheques. For a late night snack Grilli 21 is always good. During the week you can go to the movies (in English with Finnish and Swedish subtitles) or other activities such as the impro theatre that once a month takes place in English. Also, every Friday museums in Jyväskylä are for free.

As you see, besides a master’s programme that keeps you quite busy, also the city itself has much to offer. As it is said, Jyväskylä is “A small city with a big feel”.

Ciao a tutti (that’s the influence of having an Italian classmate)

People skating on Tuomiojärvi.
Biking from Kortepohja to university.

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