Shifting Seasons

Time passes, and the Finnish summer is already right around the corner; something worth looking forward to! The full darkness wrapping around our winter doesn’t feel nearly as bad when you know the full light (and hopefully warmth) of summer… The hiking and jogging trails are melting by the minute, offering once again great opportunities for outdoor activities.

In case you find yourself accomodated in the student village of Kortepohja, Laajavuori offers awesome nature running- and hiking tracks on different lengths and levels during the summer time. I’m honestly not so keen on the winter sports, so I can’t wait to get to run those tracks again! Anyhow, as discussed, everything is pretty much one cycle away in Jyväskylä, so it doesn’t matter if you live further away.

As for the spring semester, it has been very enjoyable- we have more influence now over the courses and work we do, giving nice freedom to move around the academic world. I could give a tip for focusing the optional courses on the beginning of the semester, since at this time there are plenty of deadlines as it is. However, courses are also available for the summer time, so no need for panic mode, if you can’t complete your entire to-do list. After all, this is a great time to enjoy the shifting seasons and whatever changes they bring along! 🙂




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