Summer School is about to start – But where is the summer?

The regular semester is coming to an end. We are done with the compulsory courses, the last deadlines are approaching, and the last exams are ahead. Some of us are done with the spring semester already, about to start their summer jobs, go home, push the thesis, or enjoy the summer (if it ever gets here). Some classmates and I will participate in some optional courses as part of the JYU International Summer School. Students from partner universities from all over the world will come to Jyväskylä to take courses and get to know the Finnish culture. I am really looking forward to meet everybody and exchange information with different people from different backgrounds.

Let´s hope the weather will get better till then. So far one summer day, when we reached 16 degrees, has held our hopes up high. But many small snow storms and temperatures around 2 degrees brought us back down to earth with a bang. Cross your fingers that soon we´ll be able to enjoy the amazing Finnish nature, swim in the lakes, stay outside on long bright days and recharge our batteries.



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