Let the Year of Studying Commence!

Hi everyone!

My name is Rosa-Maria and I’m one of the newbies in SportPro programme. I’d like just start this blog post by announcing that I have never wrote a blog post and this feels very very strange! So yeah, let me get in to it.

Fall vibes and my friend (princess emoji)

I’m here to tell you guys whoever is reading this (shoutout to my daddy), that everything is just fine! In our program, there are 11 people. About five of us are majoring in sport management and six of us in sport psychology. Together we form a group called SportPro. Past two weeks have been easy for us, even though there is a never-ending list of stuff to read. At the moment, everything seems under control, as long as I keep track of my daily to do list and remind myself that I’m not in a hurry.

During this fall semester, we have been introduced courses which are related mostly to psychology. This truly is out of my comfort zone… there have been countless hours of absorbing new information. I’m lucky that in our class, there are a bunch of people who are talented and have already had some experience from the field of sport psychology. It is always a good idea to work together and learn from each other’s! I cannot wait to study courses that are related to sport management!! 

Life in Jyväskylä besides of school has been sometimes overwhelming. Before I started my studies, I was working one year in Jyväskylä figure skating club as a coach. Now when my days are filled up with school, I have been running back and forth school and ice rink. Even though we have had a pretty flexible schedule in school, there are days when I just literally can’t find a time to go to work…I miss my little munchkins from the ice rink! Anywhooo I have to admit that a balance between work, school, free time, boyfriend, family and friends who all live in another city is a challenging combination…phew. Despite the fact that my schedule sounds very hectic, all in all things are going well in Jyväskylä!

Go get your sport sticker and come skate with us!!


I have a bunch more I want to write about but I don’t want to make this a super duper long, so I’ll save it to next time! See y’all!




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