Jyväskylä? There is nothing to do there!

I am not gonna hide that these where originally my thoughts also. But thoughts from actual experiences tend to be quite different and that was for once more the case.

Firstly i got into the orientation week getting general information about the campus and also the city. At that point i heard that Jyväskylä was the 7th biggest city in Finland. That seemed pretty cool and not that bad at all, until the next minute when the teacher said that there 12 cities in total being considered as “big”. It was the 7th on a scale to 12! The more i got into things, the more i discovered that not only the size of the city and the population did not matter at all, but it was once more the quality that mattered more than the quantity.
Except from the fact that there are a lot of different types of events/activities for every type of person (the sporty one, the party one, the chilling one) there is this immense nature that surrounds whole Finland.

Where it really came down to was not if there was anything to do, but choosing and prioritizing what to do first in terms of free time activities/events. Me, being into nature and these kind of weird (some may call it older people) activities i have been enjoying myself to the fullest. From clubs, to pubs, to sports bars, to lakes, to forests, to sport activities and against all odds and expectations. Jyväskylä has and offers it all.

Best regards,

John Agkopian



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