It feels like home already

So far so good! It’s been about a month of studying and living in Jyväskylä now, and life is becoming more settled. There seems to be a good atmosphere within our class, we all come along well despite our different backgrounds. Thanks to those differences and all the experiences each of us has had, the class discussions have been really interesting.

I know that Jyväskylä has become home for me, because I’ve been traveling back to Helsinki every week to play for my football team, and that has become a bit of a nuisance; I don’t feel like leaving at all! I’m glad the football season is over now, so I can focus more on studying and getting to know the city of Jyväskylä better.

To stay active after the football season and to challenge myself, I joined the futsal team of the university, Liikunnan Riemu. Training and playing is a good way to get my mind off the studies, and I think I will also get some good experiences for the future.IMG_20170924_114444

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