New beginnings

Little over a month ago we started our studies at Jyväskylä. Everything has been interesting so far and I feel good about the future. The group and staff are nice and the atmosphere is relaxed. For me the greatest change has been in the scheduling of studies. For the past years I have been able to focus on one thing at a time. Finish a paper or do an exam and then proceed to next one. Here we have 10 things going on at the same time – one has to do exams, write different kinds of assignment and do presentations etc more or less simultaneously. So it feels like a chaos sometimes but I think I am slowly learning to manage it.

I also enjoy the scenery in Jyväskylä – with all the hills and lakes. It is also a small town so everything is close. The others have taken nice pictures to add in these posts but unfortunately I wasn’t smart enough to think of that in advance. I am writing this post in a boat to Stockholm so what you get instead is a picture of finnish archipelago in the grey autumn rain. Doesn’t look too welcoming now but it’s really cool in the summertime.

All in all, everything is good and the program seems interesting. I have high hopes for the future!

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