Oho, Sport Psychology?! Noniin!

“Hey, was it Sport Management program?” was my first question when we had our first meeting for 10 credits Sport Psychology course! And since then I was only studying psychology… But it’s fine! Cause I have expanded my knowledge in that field significantly!

I feel it was a really great choice to apply to this university! Interestigly, I have already read more books during this one month than during the whole education in my previous university of applied science! Oho!

Obviously, the academic education is based on the idea of reading a lot. And I knew it before applying. But I have never expected that this will be sooo much! Now we have 20 topics in sport psychology and each topic has around 2 chapters from the scientific books. Nevertheless, I started to enjoy reading these materials due to the appearance of new ideas in my head and understanding the origins of human behavior in sport. Even though I would prefer reading sport management related literature, it is still interesting and useful for my future researches!

Thus, I can’t say I am struggling with reading. Opposite, it gets more and more exciting to read! And I am looking forward to have class discussions about each topic that are coming in November. For sure, those discussions would bring up new ideas from me and help to create a good foundation for future education!

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