Busy Weeks ahead!


One year of being full-time dad in America and enjoying nice weather has changed to being student-employee-dad in Finland and in not so nice weather. With all these new things in my life I´ve been glad that we haven´t had lots of contact-lessons from the beginning of semester.  But now it´s going to chance! Next 3 weeks are full days from 8 to 16. Lectures, demos and presentations are waiting. Of course we have had time to prepare us the October but it still feels that we are doing the whole semester in these 3 weeks. “Fortunately” my wife started working and kids went to day care after “a jet-lag-holiday” and this all happens at the same time. So it’ll take quite a bit planning to survive these weeks. But it helps that all the topics are very interesting and we have an excellent group of people in every class so it doesn´t really feel a burden at all. And of course the wife´s understanding is the one thing that you can´t do without!

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