Forgotten blog post and some ham.

For the obvious reason that I forgot to post my blog writing before the deadline almost two weeks ago, there will be two posts during this week. I could blame it on the busy schedule, which was described in the aforementioned writing, but I will put it on my ability to use calendar. Or in other words, I should really learn to mark all the upcoming events and deadlines into my calendar. Furthermore, I think this was already mentioned in previous blog writings, we have quite a lot simultaneous assignments going on, which could also partly explain my forgetfulness.

But that’s that, and now  more about the studies… I have really liked the way we use flipped classroom approach for the most of the courses. Generally, the materials and readings about the course topics are done before the class, and during the class the information is applied to real life examples. This combined with self-reflection has uplifted my learning and I feel like it is easier to bring the theory into the practice! In addition the global networking with other students and professionals in the field of sports has started well. Sweet as!

In the end I would like say that I have settled to Jyväskylä quite nicely, and I even won a Christmas ham last weekend from this local Christmas ham bingo! (proof in the picture) Haha!



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