Class trip to Vierumäki

On the 20th of November some of us Sport and Exercise Psychology students attended a Sport Psychology -seminar in Vierumäki. The seminar was organized by the Finnish Sport Psychology Association (SUPY – Suomen urheilupsykologinen yhdistys). Unfortunately for the English speaking half of our class, only 1 out of 4 presentations was in English, so only the Finns attended. IMG_5099Although we had had a few really intense study weeks behind us, we still managed to get up early to drive 1,5 hrs to Vierumäki (thanks Reko!). Fortunately we had a day off from contact classes so we were able to attend.

This year’s seminar theme was “Athlete centered coaching”. The speaker that really struck a cord with all of us, was professor Cliff Mallet from Queensland University, Australia. Although I’m not a sports fan or so interested in coaching athletes, the themes he was dealing with were universal and could be applied to any type of goal or coaching any type of individual. Mallet talked about what drives our behavior, how we get motivated and about the research behind high quality coaching.

IMG_5103I became a fan of Cliff Mallet after his presentation! Happily for us, he is also giving a lecture this week in Jyväskylä University so we can hear him again.

Other presenters were Pekka Peura, a Finnish teacher who wants to improve the Finnish educational system, Pasi Mustonen, the head coach for women’s national ice hockey team and Sami Jauhojärvi, a very successful Finnish cross-country skier.

We had a fun day listening to the lectures but also chatting and laughing on the car ride there and back. Happy times! 🙂

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