Highlights of the first year

Actually, I don’t have any proper words right now so let me open the secret files of SpoSMaPro 2016-2018. Usually the pictures are worth a thousand words 😉 The first day of our studies   Liikunta ball         Winter School   Exam parties – Himoshumallus in March    Ps. I’m looking forward to see […]

New Year, New Me bullsh*t

Every year is a new start. True. People make New Year’s resolutions. Yes. Did I make one? Oh yes. How is it going? Not very well. Sounds familiar? I can comfort that you are not the only one who has failed. I promised myself that this year I won’t leave the assignments to the last […]

Getting the most out of my studies

Like many of us have said, the time is flying really fast. The first two months are almost behind us. This is actually the first time when I stop for a moment to think about these passed months. A lot has happened! I believe we all came here with a lot of motivation and enthusiasm. I […]