Summer School is about to start – But where is the summer?

The regular semester is coming to an end. We are done with the compulsory courses, the last deadlines are approaching, and the last exams are ahead. Some of us are done with the spring semester already, about to start their summer jobs, go home, push the thesis, or enjoy the summer (if it ever gets […]

Highlights of the first year

Actually, I don’t have any proper words right now so let me open the secret files of SpoSMaPro 2016-2018. Usually the pictures are worth a thousand words 😉 The first day of our studies   Liikunta ball         Winter School   Exam parties – Himoshumallus in March    Ps. I’m looking forward to see […]

Shifting Seasons

Time passes, and the Finnish summer is already right around the corner; something worth looking forward to! The full darkness wrapping around our winter doesn’t feel nearly as bad when you know the full light (and hopefully warmth) of summer… The hiking and jogging trails are melting by the minute, offering once again great opportunities […]

Remember also…

We are heading towards the end of our first year. Spring time can be pretty hectic with many courses, but the finish line is nearly visible. So, the last sprint of this academic year has started! This time I decided not to plan my blog post that much – most probably you have seen it […]

Small city with a big feel

Amici amici. This time I will use my blog entry to talk a bit about the life around university and spare you the Master’s Programme, deadlines and stress. So how is life here? What has Jyväskylä to offer? Housing: Student organisations offer apartments and shared flats all over the city. I live in a single […]


It is barely believable that it has been 6 months (and counting) since we began this journey and we as a group are fast approaching the halfway point of our program. In the weeks and months that have gone by since the turn of the year, a lot of what has been mentioned by my […]

The spring term at the university

The spring semester has started with winter school in January. Winter school was exciting and fun. During that course, I have met new people from different part of Europe, South America and Australia. We have had memorable time at Laajavuori where we have done skiing, snowboarding and other outdoor activities. The whole course was quite […]