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Our Journey in Finland

It has been over a month since I moved here to Jyväskylä. I came here in Finland with my wife, Micay, from the tropical paradise of the Philippines. Our Finland-journey has been so far amazing! From the time we submitted our application to the university last year until now, everything has just been working out for our good! My wife and […]

Transforming skills

It’s almost three months now since we started the program and personally I’ve gone through almost the whole range of emotions, a lot of laughing but also some moments of struggle. I’ve been spending the last 8 years as a full time athlete with 150-200 training and competition days abroad. I finished BBA degree during […]

If I could turn back time

“If I could turn back time”, sang Cher many years ago. I believe, we all have the same feeling sometimes, a wish of being able to take a few steps back and perhaps do something differently (or left undone). Here in Finland we have our opportunity to turn back time and to re-live one hour […]

“A day without laughter is a day wasted”

Three different experiences… Time flies by so fast, all I have to say. It has been over a month moving in to Jyväskylä and almost four weeks of starting the studies here as well. A lot has happened ever since and the studies have been keeping us all very busy for sure. No more lazy […]

In Finland we have this thing called ”reilu meininki”

Finally! The actual studies have started. I haven’t been this excited about school for a long time. Like, never? The words can’t even describe the levels of my excitement. This is probably now the ”honeymoon” of my Master’s studies as we discussed in Social Interaction Skills lecture. However, I’m pretty sure I’ll face the reality […]

Straight to the point

Our SposMaPro student group has now spent two weeks and one day in Jyväskylä, and we are already in the middle of intensive studying. Many modules have started, and outside the lectures and seminars we have quite a lot to do with independent studying. My very first book exam will be on Monday, and I […]