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Transforming skills

It’s almost three months now since we started the program and personally I’ve gone through almost the whole range of emotions, a lot of laughing but also some moments of struggle. I’ve been spending the last 8 years as a full time athlete with 150-200 training and competition days abroad. I finished BBA degree during […]

Keep on dreaming

One thing I really like about the Sport Science and Management Programme is that quite often guest speakers are invited. Last week, a lecture was given by the CEO of the Football Association of Finland, Kimmo Lipponen. Amongst other topics, we talked about the framework on which organizations build their business. This framework consists of […]

The Final Stretch (Robert Päkk)

Just about a month to go until the end of the semester and it feels like we have not even really gotten started. Of course we have our first experiences of lecture exams and book exams and we have also gotten our first grades and credits, but still it feels like time is flying by […]